Response To Media Coverage On Thanksgiving Weekend

This past Thanksgiving long weekend, there was an event that caused some concern, started by a few politically motivated and misinformed citizens of Surrey. Complaints were made to City staff at a time when they should have been allowed to enjoy this long weekend with their families.

CKNW reported on the so-called controversy. They have a job to do with regards to covering issues and stories they feel their audience wish to hear. My intent, here, is to set the record straight for those who have heard about vintage fire trucks being used at one of my meet-and-greet events.

I want to start by sending my apologies to the City of Surrey Fire Chief for the calls he has had to answer. Never in my wildest imagination would I have believed some taxpayers would think the Fire Chief would allow on-duty staff, to be taken out of the staffing requirements, for political reasons. The public should feel confident that the Code of Conduct that holds all City Employees accountable, would not permit on-duty resources to be used in the way it was suggested they were being used, this past Saturday.

Mike Starchuk & Surrey voters at Guildford Town Centre meet & greetWith regards to the issue of anger that was raised by one of the callers – for the sixty minutes we were at the Guildford bus loop, I assure you, that most everyone who passed by, engaged congenially with the candidates and posed for pictures with the trucks. The pictures that are posted on my sites and Surrey First’s sites, show that those who were there, were engaged with the candidates and were happy to be there.



The story isn’t about a few squeaky wheels.

The story is about the opportunity for voters to meet, interact with, and engage our candidates, who took time out of their busy schedules to be available.

The story is about the Fire Fighters who came out on their day off to set up and assist with the event on a long weekend.

The story is about members of the public who shared their thoughts, concerns, and personal stories about life in Surrey.

The story is about how the Fire Fighters’ Association rescued the vintage truck and trailer from the scrap yard and restored it at no cost to the City. This allowed those there on Saturday, to view this wonderfully-restored antique and have the opportunity to take a photo with a pretty special antique vehicle.

The story is about the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Association supporting my efforts to be elected as Councillor in the upcoming election.

The story is about the Surrey Fire Fighters’ Association supporting the elected Surrey First Councillors who have taken Fire Fighter staffing levels from bare bone minimums which were unsafe ten years ago, to today where Surrey Fire Services have proper staffing levels and can function in a faster and safer way.

The REAL story is about Surrey First’s ongoing efforts to put the safety of Surrey Firefighters, and the public they serve, in a far better and safer position, than ever before.

Vera LeFranc & a Surrey family at Guildford Town Centre meet & greet