Crime, Lies And Damned Statistics – Adrian MacNair – The Now Newspaper

Adrian MacNair of The Now newspaper, wrote a great article, exposing some of the fear-mongering and bullying tactics of some OTHER campaigns.

Crime, lies and damned statistics – Surrey Now-Leader (

“I don’t have any objection to offering a plan for crime in Surrey. Where I have a problem is in the inaccurate, misleading and outright lies perpetrated by some candidates seeking office.”

  ~ Adrian MacNair – Author of ‘Crime, Lies And Damned Statistics’ – printed in The NOW Newspaper

“THANK YOU ADRIAN. Finally, one of our local papers has put this information up. The Vancouver Sun also put up an excellent article on Oct 24 including some very easy to read graphs. I have recently been to the all candidates meetings for mayor and councillors and was disappointed at how many candidates were pushing this issue and insisting it is much worse than it is. When one councillor candidate (ret. RCMP) pointed out that this is not the case… that crime rates are down and have been for some time… he was interrupted by remarks from a couple others that were insisting that was not true. Stats Canada doesn’t lie folks. Unfortunately, certain politicians do. Be very careful who you vote for. I for one do not want to return to the crime rates that were pre-Watts and team. (For the record, I have lived here for 40 yrs. Thirty-eight of those, I was a short walk from City Centre/Whalley on residential property. I am probably far more aware of what those crime rates were like than most Surrey residents are today. I noticed a change around the late summer of 2007 and it has continually gotten better.)”

~ – Commenting on The Now Newspaper website