We Can’t Let Elenore Sturko Roll Back Our Progress

We woke up to a shocker this morning – the BCUP’s star candidate, Elenore Sturko, will be abandoning her party, and her riding, to run with the Conservatives here in Surrey-Cloverdale.

I’d like to welcome her to the race, and to the riding. Given that she’s not from here, and doesn’t spend a lot of time here, it’s a bit of a surprise – but who am I to argue? It’s my favourite part of BC!

But what’s even more surprising is that she’s switched to a party that doesn’t share her values. Just a few months ago, she was leading a standing ovation to denounce John Rustad. Now, she’s joining him, because she thinks it will help her keep her job.

I won’t lie to you: she’s a strong candidate. But while Elenore Sturko, BCUP and the Conservatives are focused on who is sitting where, we’re focused on taking action for you: building a new hospital and cancer centre in Cloverdale, new schools, and the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain extension.

We can’t let Elenore Sturko roll back the progress we’ve made in Surrey-Cloverdale – whoever she’s running with.

Can I count on you to chip in to our Surrey-Cloverdale Victory Fund?

Your generous donation will help us gear up to run a strong campaign. It will help us pay for literature, staff, lawn signs, advertising, and everything else we need to tell our neighbours in Surrey-Cloverdale about the action we’re taking on housing, healthcare and affordability.

I won’t lie: this election is going to be close, and it will be decided in Surrey. When I think about what John Rustad would do to undo all the progress we’ve made on housing and healthcare, I worry – but then I remember I have my fellow New Democrats beside me.

Thank you for all you do.


Mike Starchuk

MLA, Surrey-Cloverdale