Surrey Fusion Fest

Mayor Linda Hepner & Couscilor Mike Starchuk with the Canada 150 - Surrey Fusion Fest 'Thank You' Card to the Government of Canada - MikeStarchuk.comSurrey’s 10th annual Fusion Fest takes place on July 22nd and 23rd.

A Thank You card from the citizens of Surrey will be presented to the Government of Canada, as part of the Canada 150 Celebration, and the 10th anniversary of the Surrey Fusion Festival, just to say ‘Thank you’.

Inside of the card are the following words:

THANK YOU for helping to make Canada an inclusive and welcoming nation. We are fortunate to live in a country that celebrates its diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs of its citizens. Together our contributions make Surrey a thriving and vibrant community.


There have been many Surrey residents who have already signed the card in one of the languages they are fluent in, and had a photo taken with the card. 

Do you want to become a part of this event?

If you are a resident of Surrey, and are fluent in one of the languages listed below, please show up on Saturday at the FREE Surrey Fusion Festival in Holland Park.

We are looking for people to write ‘Thank you’ in their language, sign their name underneath, and then be photographed with the card. (Please be aware, that the first person to present themselves, with one of the below-listed languages, will be selected to sign the card.)

Many thanks to the 50 folks who have already signed the card, and represented their languages.

The languages not yet represented, are (in no particular order):

Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese, Persian, Japanese, Dari, Bengali, Sinhala, Tamil, Lao, Malyalam, Portuguese, Albanian, Pashto, Cambodian, Romanian, Karen, Pushto, Amharic, Swahili, Burmese, Indonesian, Panjabi, Telugu, Faroese, Sindhi, Kurdish, Malay, Creole, Tigrinya, Yoruba, Indo Iranian, Slovak, Khmer, Cebuano, Afrikaans, Iloko, Bulgarian, Niger-Congo, Aramaic, Ewe, Dinka, Finnish, Konkani, Sundanese, Tibetan, Bosnian, Chechen, Hebrew, Jamaican Creole, Kannada, Swedish, Hiligaynon, Kinyarwanda, Pampanga, Acoli, Armenien, Luo (Kenya and Tanzania), Marathi, Nubian languages, Oromo, Shona, Assamese, Danish, Ido, Igbo, Sino-Tibetan (Other), Guarani, Hmong, Lozi, Niger-Kordofanian (Other), Thagaloo, Abkhazian, Afro-Asiatic (Other), Avaric, Bini, Fukien, Ganda, Hausa, Kanuri, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Pahari, Rajasthani, Sarsi, Semitic (Other), Tonga, Waray, Akkadian, Azerbaijani, Balinese, Bikol, Efik, French/African Patois, Halkomelem, Hare, Ingush, Kachin, Kwakw’ala, Lingala, Luganda, Maltese, Mongolian, Nahuatl, Nilo-Saharan (Other), North Ndebele, Nzima, Oriya, Pangasinan, Quechua, Squamish, Upper Sorbian, Uzbek, Vai, and Yugoslavian.

I will be in the Canada Pavilion from 12:00 to 3:00 on Saturday, July 22nd, with this wonderful card for you to sign.

The Surrey Fusion Festival is a free celebration of multiculturalism and diversity, and all are welcome to join in, and enjoy the festivities.  I look forward to seeing everyone there!

For more details about the 2017 Surrey Fusion Festival, please click this link!




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